About Halle




My name is Halle. I am a Photographer and Event Producer with a Marketing background, based in Denver, Colorado.  As a Geological Engineer - turned Creative Entrepreneur, I have become most passionate about connecting with nature, and exchanging stories with incredible humans along the way. I believe that vulnerability in storytelling is the greatest catalyst to human connection, and hope to continue preserving stories as the most powerful tools we have for creating hope and change.

I specialize in Adventure Photography, Creative Directing Photoshoots and Video Projects for a wide variety of forward-thinking, sustainability focused brands in the Outdoor and Natural Foods industries. Brand work extends to Copywriting, Instagram Marketing, and Lifestyle Video Production. 

Photography portfolio extends to Weddings, Engagements, Elopements, Lifestyle Portrait Sessions, and Events. To book a photoshoot, connect HERE.

Experienced in a wide variety of Event Production, I host and produce a variety of Denver-based events, ranging from action film festivals, to creative workshops and women’s empowerment seminars

I would love to connect through Instagram or Email. Reach out about Projects and Events, or just stop by to say hi!

All photos of me by my beautiful friends: Minyoung Lee + Andrew Han