About Halle

 Hello! I am a Photographer and Creative Director based out of Denver, Colorado, but spend most of my time traveling internationally and working remotely.

Beginning with an Engineering degree powered by love of the outdoors, I soon fell headfirst into passion for Photography while getting experience in Marketing. This opened up a world of curiosity and passion for all creative pursuits. As a jack-of-all-creative-trades, my passions and work include Content Creation, Marketing, Social Media Management, Athlete and Influencer Management, Copywriting, Design, Production, and Creative Direction for forward-thinking brands focused on sustainability. When I’m not busy traveling and collaborating with brands, I produce events in Denver, ranging from adventure film festivals, to entrepreneurial workshops.


Photo by Cassandra Baca

A note about the outdoors:

I believe life is all about creating meaningful connection with humans and nature - to me, this means leaving people and places better than you found them. I firmly believe spending time outside makes us all better humans. The outdoors has created the space for me to find myself and connect with others. Nature allows us to gain perspective, to empathize, and to see the bigger picture. Nature has given us so much, which is why it is so important to give back by preserving and protecting it. When you collaborate with me or support my work, you are also supporting organizations like the Outdoor Industry, Access Fund, Protect Our Winters, and other rad groups committed to the preservation and protection of our planet (not affiliated in any way - simply believe in the work they are doing for our planet and for humanity).


Favorite past projects include a creative commercial project with Otterbox, and media coverage of the 2018 Banff Film Festival with Be Alive Outside.


Photos by Minyoung Lee

The backstory:

I ended up in Colorado in 2013 to get my Geological Engineering degree. The field studies and emphasis on human relationships with nature, gave me my love of the outdoors and connection with nature. I went with my gut and took a marketing internship my senior year, discovering that people have fun jobs like social media marketing, and immediately fell in love with the idea of following my passions. I met my first mentor my first week on the job, and she showed me that she was able to travel the world as a full time photographer. I was blown away and decided to finally embrace my love of photography. I realized it’s never too late to start something new, bought my first camera on craigslist that week (and am still shooting with it today). As soon as I graduated engineering school I was ready to launch my freelance business. Fast forward two years, a lot of trial and error, lots of mistakes (lessons), a good amount of hard work, and here we are. Grateful for the present moment, and stoked to continue growing as this journey continues to surprise me.