Top 15 Podcast Recommendations

For growth and self - development

Once upon a time, I listened to my first podcast. As I started my dream job of Marketing for an outdoor apparel brand, I sought information online, and the glorious internet told me to check the little purple app in my phone called podcasts. The only reason I opened this beautiful application in the first place, is because the online website I consulted for marketing tips, had linked their podcast for additional insight and information. I started listening to their podcast as I got ready in the morning, or as I rode the train to and from work, and was ENTHRALLED that I had access to marketing tips from some of the most genius businessmen and women in the world, for FREE, AT MY FINGERTIPS.  An endless library of knowledge in one app on my phone that I can access and listen to at any time?? FREE knowledge and tools for learning and growth??? SOLD.

Sooner rather than later, I had listened to every single episode of the first podcast channel, and their show had been discontinued a year prior, so I was out of luck. I sought other sources, and realized beyond this one channel I had been accessing, I had endless access to information on self-development, business strategies, life tips, and limitless resources I could use to grow myself. I've been hooked ever since, and listen to at least one podcast a day, to keep myself on my toes and satiate my need for growth and knowledge.  Between the mediocre episodes and straight up weird channels I've come across, I've compiled a list of the most impactful episodes I've listened to, from my go-to channels.  

If you're new to podcasts, one important rule of thumb is to take everything with a grain of salt. I don't necessarily agree or resonate with every single second of a podcast (though there are some in this list that I do!), but I consider it a success if I gain one solid new piece of insight or knowledge from each podcast I listen to. I love to read as well, but that's an activity I am intentional about making TIME for in either the morning or night - with podcasts, I LOVE that I can edit photos, get ready in the morning, cook dinner, or make my commute, WHILE I have a positive voice in my ear teaching me new things.  I consider podcasts to be like having a positive intelligent friend with you at all times!! So if you don't have friends - podcasts are for you! All kidding aside, I can credit podcasts with changing my perspective, changing my mindset, and changing my life.  This past year or so has been a wonderful journey, and here's to sharing all this knowledge and insight with you all!

All podcasts can be found on your iTunes Podcast app, or online - each image below is linked to the original podcast content!

Control Your Mindset: Feel good, be happy, help others

This show does an excellent job of thoroughly discussing the importance of our mindset.  I loved the emphasis on importance of negative emotions and how we can acknowledge and use them to serve us in a positive way.

"Unless you claim EXTRAORDINARY, ordinary claims you."

This podcast shook me hard. A reminder that we have no excuses in this day and age, that we are the masters of our reality, which we control with our mindset and energy.  So many good nuggets of inspiration and knowledge in this one from energy expert Donny Epstein.

"It’s your duty to manage the energy you give to the world with your mindset. This not only includes your day to day choices, but also the choice you make about how your past experiences show up."

Where do our emotions come from?

This podcast was fascinating from an informational standpoint, teaching words in different languages that refer to emotions that are culturally-specific.  It was fascinating to learn about the root of our emotions in our brains. 

"The voice in your head is an imitation of all the voices before"

I had honestly never heard of IN-Q before I listened to this podcast, but I was BLOWN AWAY.  He has an incredible way with words, and performs some of his poems live on the podcast. His poetry and stories throughout this episode are great life lessons, inspiration, and insight into a uniquely framed mindset.

“Surrender to the magic that’s available when we let go of our plans and expectations.”

I originally found Lori because I was looking for insight on positivity-based events. As the founder of the Bliss project, Lori popped right up as a positive voice I wanted to learn more from. This episode in particular drew my eye as FLOW is something I'm continually trying to learn more about and achieve.

“What does love invite me to do in this moment?”

Through the story of Scott Stabile, this episode provided so much insight into integrating love into our every move, and understanding how intentionality with our thoughts and decisions controls the reality in front of us.

"Choose courage over comfort because you can't have both."

THIS. This episode shook me to the core, so hard, that I've listened to it 4 times since the first. This episode was funny enough, the first time I've encountered Brené Brown, but have been an avid fan, reader, and listener ever since. This episode inspired me to do the She Is The Wilderness shoot this Fall, as a representation of my own personal journey. The episode documents the importance of belonging to the wilderness, and yourself, first.  The importance of becoming wild, and addressing vulnerability in our courage. There is no way to truly describe this until you listen to it yourself. I guarantee you'll find a part that you resonate with. 

Why do we speak up? When do we do it?

In the face of all circumstances, as humans, how and why do we choose to voice our opinions and make a difference by speaking up about important issues?

Your perception is your reality

WOW this episode goes in deep. Invisibilia always does a great job of diving into every level of a topic, and in the case of this episode, every facet of a situation is explored from every perspective. Fascinating insight on our perspectives, perceptions, and how our past experiences and pre-engrained societal and cultural notions control the "reality" in front of us.

How resilience breeds passion and success

I first listened to this when I REALLY needed it. Life hit me hard last year, and I endured through a seemingly never-ending struggle. Towards the end of this incredibly difficult (but necessary) year, I discovered the power of podcasts.  This was one of the first I listened to, and resonated with to an incredible degree. These stories of incredible human persistence and strength are empowering, inspiring, and igniting to say the least. 

"Forgiving others has nothing to do with them, and everything to do with yourself"

This was the first time that this concept truly stuck with me.  It was freeing to confront all the demons in my life, and understand the depth of the issues.  I learned that forgiveness is freeing. It's a powerful tool for self development and growth and I'm so thankful I was able to acknowledge and realize this concept early on as I continue to find applications of it in my life and others.

"Happiness isn't something you find, it's something you become"

In this day and age, it seems everyone is trying to "find happiness". I was on this journey at one point too. Happiness seemed conditional, tangible, and just out of reach. After listening to this episode, reading many books, and seeking endless knowledge on this topic, I realized that happiness is something you DECIDE when you get out of bed each morning.

"Good or Bad, who's to say?"

This is a short one, but a good one. My favorite takeaway from this episode is the old parable of a farmer who reacts to nearly every situation with the sentence: "Good or bad? Whose to say?".  It's been funny taking this phrase into my everyday life and watching the stories develop. Highly recommend taking 12 minutes out of your day for this incredible mindset shift

Final Words of David Cassidy: "So Much Wasted Time"

In the long run , our existence is just a mere blip on the universe, so we should be more focused on making a positive impact! I've caught myself so many times worrying about silly stuff, stupid arguments, or wasting time and energy on things that don't matter in the long run! Since listening to this episode, I've tried to apply as much as possible the mantra "If it won't matter in 5 years, don't spend more than 5 minutes worrying about it"

"Instead of stifling the tears, let them flow. Sit with the pain. Get to know it. And then let that shit go."

This podcast channel finds blog posts online, and reads and shares them in audio form, SO if you would rather read this content, HERE is the original blog post. This one in particular super resonated with me, and is a go-to episode of mine to re-channel and re-set when I'm having an off day! SIMPLE, easy recommendations for raising your vibration even on an off day, and channeling gratitude to neutralize your mood!