#UnruleTheOutdoors Project with Otterbox 

Videography by Connor Tieulie

Creative Direction + Voice Over by Halle Nicholas


This August, Connor and I brought Otterbox with us up to Canada to experience cliff diving, hiking, rain, smoke from forest fires, and all types of Type II Fun.  Type II Fun is not your average adventure blog, smiling in flowing dresses and relaxing in hot springs. No: Type II Fun is the type of fun you have while struggling in the cold, or the mud with your friends. It’s a special type of fun you can only access with the right attitude. The type of fun you have smiling and laughing your a*ses off while caught in the middle of some weather. The type of memories that will last a lifetime.

As we reflected, we realized that though the big moments are epic, and it’s always nice to get a “banger” shot of nature - the fondest moments are most often the simplest. The moments unfiltered, without any pressure, no rules. So we were incredibly inspired by Otterbox’s brand manifesto as follows:

An Open Letter to the Outdoor Industry: Outside is Not a Club

It has no members only door, no secret handshake, no self-appointed board of directors.

Outside is everyone’s. The newbs, the weekend warriors, the pros, and literally everyone in between.  Outside doesn't care if you top-roped or sent it, if you tied your own fly or took it on bait, if you’re a him or a her.

But lately it seems like there’s a right and a wrong way to be outside, as if the only way to pursue a passion is the way someone else pursues theirs.  We’re all guilty of it, chasing trophies both real and digital, consumed with tagging the biggest, being the fastest, outdoorsing the best.

We’re territorial about public places and cliquish within our own communities, as if you can’t go outside unless you know the code to the gate.


Ours isn't the job of defining the outdoor experience, but the privilege of enabling it. Maybe your slice of heaven is an off-width stretch of 5.13 sandstone.  Maybe it’s a predawn paddle in 6mm of neoprene.  And maybe, just maybe, it’s a lawn chair and something hoppy.  Whatever it is, it doesn't need more rules. Because however you have fun, you should have FUN doing it.


~ Otterbox

Inspired by the rawness, Connor and I decided to create our own manifesto of sorts. How we unrule the outdoors. A dedication to our experiences and belief in nature:

Welcome to the outdoors.

It’s not just our job to photograph and document within nature, but our passion.

So we venture out, finding pieces of ourselves, and answers we didn’t know were there.

Because it’s never been about getting the perfect shot, but experiencing the moment, and capturing those feelings along the way.

It’s about the imperfections in the little moments.

Sure, the perfect shot is out there somewhere, but it’s always been more exciting to embrace the chaos that the outdoors is so good at providing.

The chaos is freeing. The unpredictability, our inspiration.

We might be here to create, but the beauty has already been created around us.

Nature doesn’t care who has climbed the biggest mountain, or swam the biggest river.

Because in the end, aren’t we all here to pursue our passion for nature while having fun?

Where the best memories are made while embracing the chaos with a smile on your face. 

It’s not about who showed up the most prepared, or most experienced.

Nature doesn’t care if you sent it the hardest, but if you sent it at all.

Try all we want, but it isn’t us that shapes the adventure, it’s always been the adventure that shapes us.

So welcome to the outdoors: where all are welcome, there are no rules, and there’s no such thing as the perfect shot.